DOING GOOD WITH DATA: A few simple words by which we work. The result of combining our analytical minds with a desire to leave the world a better place than we found it. That’s how we approach every project, every client and every opportunity. And we’re looking for partners with similarly aligned ambitions to help do more good. 

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"Altrulytics is a non-profit's god-send...(read more)

- Susanne Lovejoy | The Family Place | St. Paul, MN

"Truck Utilities would highly recommend Altrulytics for any company needing this type of service."

- Rob Streeter | Truck Utilities | St. Paul, MN

"Altrulytics helped us create the platform for [evaluation] services and, through their evaluation expertise, were able to understand our model and guide us to a great framework"

- Shane Miller | MACC CommonWealth | Minneapolis, MN

"Today is [CRM] Training Day over here at MicroGrants! Big props Altrulytics for a seamless CRM migration, excellent experience!"

Masami Kawazato | MicroGrants | Minneapolis, MN